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Thread: object selection and then rotation....

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    object selection and then rotation....

    I am a OpenGL newbie and now working with an assginment on furniture models design and layout with OpenGL programming. And I need to select a single furniture object among all rendered objects and then make itself rotate or translate (by pressing a key, say, 'R' for rotation, 'T' for translation). After studying selection on the red book, I still dunno how to do it since we can only redraw the scene once the object is picked/selected. Can it wait for an keyboard event to redraw the scene?
    it may be a silly question, grateful if you can help...thx!

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    Re: object selection and then rotation....

    Im not entirely sure what you need to know but if you want to update a scene (ie re-run your display function) you can use GlutPostRedisplay(); if you are using glut.

    If you want to pick an object and then rotate it, assign it a number as a name (as in the red book) assign each object a number in your linked list, then traverse your linked list until you reach your object and assign a pointer to that object, then use that pointer to rotate the object etc.

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