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Thread: Shadow maps and field of view

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    Shadow maps and field of view


    I'm implementing a shadow map algorithm (with ARB_DEPTH_TEXTURE and ARB_SHADOW) and have finally managed to get a shadowed scene However, I'm having trouble with the light's field of view settings. I'm inexperienced with OpenGL and shadow-maps, so this may have an easy solution.

    When the field of view is about 50 - my scene gets partially black (black where the light-view can't see). But when I increase it, the shadows get really blocky (I use a 512x512 map).

    Is there any way to show the areas the light view can't see in the final scene, or is there another solution to this problem?


    - Monica

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    Re: Shadow maps and field of view

    This topic is probably going to get answers on the advanced forum.

    - Halcyon

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