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Thread: Calculating triangles.

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    Calculating triangles.

    A perhaps silly question, but how
    do I take a L shaped lineloop of which I know all vertex coordinates and
    calculate how my triangles must be draw?

    I'm making an editor and when drawing an irregular shape and use the vertex coordinates
    as vertices for GL_POLYGON, it uses GL_TRIANGLE_FAN or something like that and that makes my shape look really ugly.

    If you want to download the editor ile-0.0.2.tar.gz

    It has a complete ''manual'' just check it out. If you compile it on a windows box, please send a copy to

    Thanks a lot.

    Edit: Sorry, now link works.

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    Re: Calculating triangles.

    The link is here


    Copy the shortcut and paste it into your address bar.

    - VC6-OGL

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