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Thread: Borland

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    I am VERY new to OpenGL programming but I use Borland. I want to use GL with Builder but I can't find this utility that supposedly converts MSVC++ .libs to Borland libs. Where is it? I don't want to buy a new compiler just to play around with GL!! Any help would be appreciated. Maybe someone has a Borland compiled .lib?

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    Re: Borland

    the utilities to use are implib.exe and tlib.exe, they are both located in the bin/ directory of borland installation.

    use implib to convert a dll file to a .lib file

    (this is not necesary) ->
    use tlib to list all the exported functions in the .lib file.

    place the .lib file in the lib/ dir.
    this should work.

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    Re: Borland

    Thanks. Don't you post on the HardOCP boards?

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