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Thread: How to load a model from 3D StudioMax

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    How to load a model from 3D StudioMax

    I'm new to opengl. I'm using VC++ platform.

    I want to load a model from 3dstudio max to opengl environment. Can anybody please tell me how to do it? If possible can anybody help me through email for a while because i can ask you about doubts and problems.

    I heard that there is a 3ds file loader. I did a search, but i don't what to use and how to use it in program. Can anybody explain in detail?

    Many thanks

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    Re: How to load a model from 3D StudioMax

    I have a program, that convert 3ds-models to special *.gl and *.h files, so U can use it with openGL But... I use C++ Builder... I really like it! Mailto:

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