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Thread: Hermite Curves

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    Hermite Curves

    Is there a "universal" equation/matrix/algorithm for a Hermite curve of any order? Like, Bezier curves have the DeCastlejau algorithm, and Pascal-Triangle stuff. Do Hermites have anything similar? Because I can solve for one, it will just take a lot of time... and I don't wanna waste my time with something that might already exist.

    I'm talking about a hermite with more control points, with a higher order of "s", not hermite-splines with a series of hermites, or any other work-around like that.

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    Re: Hermite Curves

    I hate to redirect questions like this, but why exactly do you need an n-th exponential Hermite polynomial curve? Is there something particularily wrong/unworkable with using the traditional method of piecing multiple cubic Hermite splines together?

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    Re: Hermite Curves


    You can construct a polynomial interpolating given points and some derivative conditions at these points (the Hermite interpolant), so the answer is yes - you can construct a polynomial curve interpolating given hermite type conditions. (A book in numerical methods will help you here definitely).


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