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Thread: highend 3D card reviews

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    highend 3D card reviews

    are there any sites that have reviewed such cards as the Oxygen GVX210, Intense Wildcat 4000, and others? I have saved up enough now, but need to know how those cards are before shelling out major dough... any help is appreciated.

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    Re: highend 3D card reviews

    I can't really help, besides i know that in highend systems most of the times Wildcat cards are used. But it also depends what you want to use it for: DCC/Modelling/CAD etc. Wildcat and ELSA GLORIA II are very good for MAYA NT etc. ! But i'm having a problem too: I'm a student and want to get a students licence - now i need a "cheap" card that supports MAYA and OPEN GL Overlay! Anybody heard about that

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