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Thread: Graphics progamming

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    Graphics progamming

    I'm a computer science student in Canada, and I'm embarking on a large OpenGL programming project.

    My first major setback, however, is that I can't seem to run ANY OpenGL programs on my computer. I learned to program OpenGL on the computers at school, but I was hoping to continue my work at home.

    The error message: "The OPENGL32.DLL file is linked to missing export GDI32.DLL:GdiSwapBuffers." I get this message when I run any OpenGL games, screensavers, whatever.

    I had a RagePro card, but I bought a Voodoo3 hoping it would work. Same error message.

    My system:

    Windows 98
    K6-2 400Mhz
    128 Mb RAM
    Asus motherboard
    Ali chipset
    Voodoo3 video card

    I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

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    Re: Graphics progamming

    you have to put GDI32.DLL into your system directory under windows

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