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Thread: quake 3 wont run

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    quake 3 wont run

    after i double click on the quake 3 arena icon, the console comes up and starts running, then as normal, the screen flickers, but the game freezes on a gray screen, and the mouse wont move...It ran just fine before i reinstalled it! im running a PIII katmai @ 600mhz, 25gb hdd, 128mb ram, TNT2 w/ 32mb, mobo is Intel 815i
    anyhelp would be appreciated.... thanks!!

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    Re: quake 3 wont run

    Have you installed any other games since?
    Do other opengl games currently work?
    I have experienced the same problem
    and my fix was to delete a few lines
    in system.ini placed there by some directx
    games that i have installed.

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