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Thread: How are OpenGL drivers linked to Win98?

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    How are OpenGL drivers linked to Win98?

    I upgraded from a Voodoo2 to a Gladiac 2 GTS and I suspect that my
    OpenGL drivers, while installed, are somehow not properly linked to the
    OS (Win 98). I have tried both Elsa's and Nvidia's drivers. Both
    opengl32.dll and nvopengl.dll are present in \windows\system but all
    OpenGL demos/apps I run either run dog slow as if software emulated
    (tree, particles, ELSA's screensaver) or crash/don't run at all (bubble,
    guts, lightning, principles of shading, quake3, team fortress classic).
    My suspician is that only software OpenGL emulation is operating and
    that the Nvidia driver is not properly referenced somewhere? Perhaps
    this is an artifact of my previous Voodoo2 installation?

    How can I check that OpenGL is being done in hardware and that it is
    linked to the proper driver? Where in the system is the link to
    nvopengl.dll specified? Is there anything akin to dxdiag for opengl?

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    Re: How are OpenGL drivers linked to Win98?

    Calls are dispatched via opengl32.dll to the manufacturers ICD.

    Voodoo & voodoo2 were different because they were full screen only drivers, but I don't think it would have blown away opengl32.dll, unless you copied their dll there....

    I'd advise you to go to display settings and change the display, have disk etc, and reinstall the drivers.

    You may want to do go back to VGA driver settings and remove hardware first to make a clean break.

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