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Thread: OpenGL Not Supported

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    OpenGL Not Supported

    Yeah i just recently got my CS back and running. My parents sent the CPU in for some upgrading, mainly for DSL. Now, i got CS working, but it says my video card does not support OpenGL. 3 months ago, I didnt have this problem. Its the same video card, same everything as far as I know, but no OpenGL. And we all know u cant play CS without openGL, it just plain sux. So, if someone could please tell me how to make my video card open GL compatible, I would appreciate it. Its a GF4 mx 440. Cheapy, but it works. Well, it used to.

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    Re: OpenGL Not Supported

    I'm willing to bet they did a reinstall of your operation system at some point. and get the latest driver for your card and operating system.

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    Re: OpenGL Not Supported

    I've already installed 2 different drivers. The new Detonator FX, and the original driver that came with my video card. Still nothing doing. I just cant put my finger on it.

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    Re: OpenGL Not Supported

    You might try an older Nvidia driver...

    I'd say v30.82

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    Re: OpenGL Not Supported

    I have a GEForce4 440 Go display adapter on my laptop and I am having problems with getting OPENGL to work properly as well.

    Would appreciate it if you eventually find a solution if you could post it. I will likewise do the same

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