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Thread: Switching between software/hardware

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    Switching between software/hardware

    I have a problem with my TNT-card running under win95.

    Most of the time it works fine but sometimes it just switches over to windows software OpenGL.

    I run Half-Life with hardware accelerated OpenGL, starting and stopping Half-Life several times, no problems at all.

    Then when I start Half-Life the next time, it doesn't use the hardware. Really annoying.

    It sometimes helps to change my desktop resolution back and forth, but not allways.

    Is there a way to reset the drivers/card/whatever without restarting my computer.

    Can I force any driver to use hardware or can I delete the software ones?

    Thank you for taking your time!


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    Re: Switching between software/hardware

    I know what you are talking about. I am developing a game, and the problem I have is that after crashing a few times, the game reverts to software open GL the next time I run it. This is on win98 with TNT2 Ultra.

    I also tested it on a machine with a Riva 128ZX and it will only run in hardware mode if the res is 800x600 or less and 16 bit color (that may be a memory size limitation, not really sure).

    Today, I just tested the program on my friend's Prophet 3D DDR Geforce 256, and I could not get it to run in hardware mode at all (even if its the first thing I run after booting up). Other openGL software works perfectly in hardware mode on his system.

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