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Thread: OpenGL libraries

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    OpenGL libraries

    Actually this message should probably be in the programmers boards, but hopefully I'll get a response anyhow.
    I'm getting to know and love the Python programming language, and had thought about doing my OpenGL programming in python. To my disdain, I notice that the only system to support OpenGL in python was Sun's Irix. Unfortunately I lack the ownership of a sun machine and the license for Irix.
    I was curious as to how difficult you would think it would be to acquire the source and compile them into libraries as importable modules in Python. This message has also been posted to the Python board.

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    Re: OpenGL libraries

    Wich Phyton??
    What is pyton?
    were can i find Python?

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    Re: OpenGL libraries

    To learn about python, head to
    I won't tout it's beauty, you must use it to really understand.

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