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Thread: My OpenGL doesn't work right

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    My OpenGL doesn't work right

    Well everytime i try to use OpenGL it runs REALLY slow...all i can use OpenGL is in 340 * 240 (if i remember correctly) and in that it runs SLOW...i don't understand what is wrong with my OpenGL...i have used GLsetup..No effect, newest drivers...No effect and i even tried older drivers..No effect...OpenGL has worked before, but when i tried GLsetup it all went to nothig helps what i have tried...plz help

    My system spec:
    AMD K6/2 450 MMX 3D-NOW
    128MB memory
    Asus V3400 Riva TNT (in Asus motherboard)
    DirectX 7.0A
    Well i think those were the main if some 1 has answers please enlighten me.

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    Re: My OpenGL doesn't work right

    Well Ive got the same problem with my creative tnt2 ultra. I have been told in another forum it is the nvidia detonator drivers that messed up. Do you got the detonator?? Theres no use to do new installs cause the register is messed up. You have to delete some keys or do a new clean install of windows. This problem seems to be a CREATIVE problem but maybe ASUS got this problem to. Hope you got some help
    check this URL test theres alternative

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