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Thread: 3D Blaster Savage 4

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    3D Blaster Savage 4

    How do i get this damn thing 2 be compatible with DirectX ,Ive downloaded all of da most recent drivers 4 it and those dwnld sites wer microsoft approved downld sites and yet it says in DirectX that my device driver is not Certified and sumthing about not being tested by Microsoft Labs ,so i end up not being able to play the game Hitman from eidios plz help me asappp!!!!

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    Re: 3D Blaster Savage 4

    This is a OpenGL Forum.

    If you have trouble with DirectX switch over to a DirectX Forum.

    (I hope you don't try to buy beef in a bakery all the time...)

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    Re: 3D Blaster Savage 4

    The driver need not be certified for games to work, and certification doesn't guarantee that it will work with all games, so just forget about this.

    Regarding the game: if other games do run fine using Direct3D, the it could be a game specific problem, and you can hope that S3 Graphics releases new drivers that fix it (or perhaps there are drivers that you haven't tried yet, like reference drivers). If no Direct3D games work, then that's something else, and there are probably ways to solve it.

    In any case, I suggest that you go to a Savage site, like (not the best, but the one I frequent), and try to find help in the forums there, or use the links there to find other Savage sites and ask there. Forums dedicated to the chip your card is based on are the best place to find help.

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