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Thread: GLSetup or OpenGL Drivers...

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    GLSetup or OpenGL Drivers...

    Okay, I have GLSetup(the old one that came with Quake3), and I've installed it, but it caused some problems with other applications, so I uninstalled that and replaced the original drivers that came with my video card, because those were the only ones that seemed to work.

    My next question has to do with the new drivers and the games that require them, or at least work much better with them, such as Quake3, Daikatana, etc.

    A friend of mine informed me that games such as these automatically poll their own directories to find these drivers BEFORE they poll the default C:\Windows\SYSTEM directory to get them.

    I attempted to reinstall GLSetup, trying to find if the install program would allow me to install the actual drivers and DLLs in the game directory that I wished, but it automatically installs them to C:\Windows\SYSTEM.

    Is(are) there any new advancements to the install program for GLSetup? Or do I have to go in and manually find the files and move them, or is there some easier way?

    Please Help,

    John Jensen

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    Re: GLSetup or OpenGL Drivers...

    Manually move the files to you project directory. If I got this right, that's the first place they are looked for.

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