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  1. Render FBO to window example (post processing)


    I am trying to render a Frame buffer object on the whole window.
    I have found examples such as this, but it is simply not working (probably due to my limited knowledge of OpenGl). Does...
  2. Friendly bump :)

    Friendly bump :)
  3. Using frame buffer object as main window


    I am using an OpenGl library to draw on a window, and using Qt as the UI.
    I am trying to add transparent widgets on top of the view.
    So it...
  4. Hello I_belev, Thank you for replying. I will...

    Hello I_belev,

    Thank you for replying.
    I will look into everything you said.

  5. wglMakeCurrent - The handle is invalid


    I am fairly new to OpenGL, I don't fully understand everything yet:)
    I have a viewer with a context. It is being drawn on the UI which has another separate context. (I am using QT for...
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