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    TinyPlanet shader problem

    Hello, I'm using the next shader to create tiny planet images.
    The problem I'm facing is that though it renders perfectly in Desktop machines, when it comes to Android mobile devices it renders...
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    FAUX HDR opengl ES 2.0 shader algorithm

    I'm trying to create a GLSL shader to produce the FAUX HDR effect also known as FAKE HDR, (not to confuse with normal HDR where 3 images with different exposures are combined). I need to create it in...
  3. Stretching to cover the viewport in Opengl ES 2.0 with glTexSubImage2D

    -I have a texture quad which is smaller than the device screen.

    -The viewport is set to actually match the device screen, though as said, the texture size is smaller.

    -I'm rendering the texture...
  4. Yes is acutally for 2 on a quad. I need to...

    Yes is acutally for 2 on a quad.
    I need to render a bitmap into a quad, apply a first effect, and then on the new image with the first effect, apply a second effect, producing a new image with 2...
  5. Overlapping Shader Effects in Opengl ES 2.0

    Is it possible to overlap shader effects in OpenGL ES 2.0? (not using FBOs)

    How to use the result of a shader with another shader without having to do a glReadPixels and push again the processed...
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    FBO with NPOT textures on Opengl ES 2.0

    I need to use NPOT textures using off-screen FBO for rendering.

    The problem I'm facing is that images rendered on the FBO are all messed up ONLY under certain texture sizes.

    If I use textures...
  7. Calling multiple glReadPixels & glDrawArrays on a FBO, in Opengl ES

    Hello. In Opengl ES, is it possible to call glReadPixels & glDrawArrayson a FBO several times one after the other?
    The issue I'm facing is that I'm getting the image all garbled.

    Sample Code:
  8. glReadPixels GL_RGBA returning ARGB pixels instead

    Calling the next instruction to get the viewport pixels. I am expecting the pixels to be in RGBA format, but instead I get ARGB pixels. Is there something wrong or the be set prior to glReadPixels?...
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    So I tried to put high precision by prefixing the...

    So I tried to put high precision by prefixing the float with highp. And I've got the next compiler error:

    "High precision not supported, instead compiling high precision as medium precision"

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    Noise Algorithm Problem (GLES)

    I am struggling to get the next simple algorithm working in the Samsung Galaxy SIII

    float rand(vec2 co)
    return fract(sin(dot(co.xy ,vec2(12.9898,78.233))) * 43758.5453);

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    I don't need to use the GL surface at all, I only...

    I don't need to use the GL surface at all, I only require to get the texture maximum size for informational purposes. And creating the sirface and renderer puts too much overlead.
    So i guess there...
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    Get maximum texture size

    I am trying to get the maximum texture size limit in Android for OpenGL ES 2.0. But I've found that the next instruction only works if I'm currently within the OpenGL context, in other words I must...
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