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    Sampling a texel array

    Hi all,

    I am trying to sample 2048x2048 lightmap texture, I get the texels into an unsigned char * before uploading the texture to vram, I now have the raw pixels to play with.
    I want to sample...
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    OpenGL + DevIL + EXR Format

    I get really strange color output when I use tonemap with EXR files, its like perfect for most of the image but some places of the image end up having large yellow or red spots.

    ILuint iid;...
  3. Strange rendering bug, please help me debug it :(

    I have spend last 2 days trying to use MyGUI library in my OpenGL 4.2 project.

    Their samples were creating a win32 window in the sample code so I had to take quite a bit of stuff out.

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    Re: NDC to Screenspace

    Ok thanks, but why does it clamp it to some strange values. Makes no sense.
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    NDC to Screenspace

    Kinda a semi-newbie question,
    Can someone please help me understand this:

    vec2 screen_space(vec4 vertex)
    return (clamp(vertex.xy, -1.3, 1.3)+1) * (screen_size*0.5);
  6. Re: [4.1] VAO glBindVertexArray - Invalid Operation??

    @Dan Bartlett: Thanks so much man, I was stupid with that tile->Indices.size() thing which I completely forgot about. I am now using much less memory thanks to you.

    As for the buffer problem, it...
  7. Re: [4.1] VAO glBindVertexArray - Invalid Operation??

    I removed them in order to display the code more clearly here.
    I had one after each statement.
  8. [4.1] VAO glBindVertexArray - Invalid Operation??

    I have been trying to get VAO's to work with my engine using 4.1 compatability context on nvidia 270.61 drivers.

    It seems to run ok except that I get 1282 invalid operation
    inside my draw...
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