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  1. I checked my log: [YATessellationModel]...

    I checked my log:

    [YATessellationModel] Patches: 14280
    [YATessellationModel] attribVertexLocation 0 enabled
  2. fglrx 13.20.5 OGL 4.3 CORE: glDrawElements causes Segmentation fault

    Using glDrawElements with the draw mode GL_PATCHES for a shader without tessellation-evaluation or geometry shader causes a SEGV:

    #0 0x00007f1325cb4d7d in ?? () from...
  3. Replies

    Updating output variables

    Does the Spec. allow the update of output variables?

    For Example in a variant for point-normal triangulation I use this code:

    tcw[gl_InvocationID].controlPoints[0] =...
  4. fglrx 13.20.5 OGL 4.3 CORE - GLSL UNIFORM: LAYOUT Row Major ignored



    layout (std140) uniform clientProjections {
    vec3 clientEye;
    layout(row_major) mat4 clientModel;
    layout(row_major) mat4 clientMVP;
  5. BUG: OS x 10.9 / context 4.1 core,forward ARB_shader_subroutine SIGSEGV

    System mac-mini mid'11

    Querying a uniform from an unavailable shader stage causes a SIGSEGV

    Example: In this case a TF shader without fragment generation is reflected (modern inspection isn't...
  6. Thank you. Your answer solved my problem.

    Thank you. Your answer solved my problem.
  7. Separate Framebuffer blend settings are ignored.

    I have a question about the glDisablei and glBlendFunci function.

    I want to draw/store additional fragment information in an FBO. If I change/disable the global blend setting via glDisable or...
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