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    How can i highlight a single Texture?


    Im currently coding my own GUI for my game and i want to highlight a texture (single texture, it could be, that one texture is transposed multiple times) if the mouse hovers the texture.
  2. Hello Thanks for your answer. So i have to...


    Thanks for your answer.

    So i have to remove my implementation with the view Direction and the up vector (world to view matrix would be the look at of the position, position + view...
  3. How can i calculate the Pith/Yaw of a camera to set up a 3rd Person View?


    Im programming OpenGL in python language.

    Im actual stuck at the calculation of the 3rd Person View.

    Im currently moving the Camera around its y-axis (UP vector -> vec3(0.0, 1.0, 0.0))...
  4. Is there any Coordinate system which have a inverted X axis?


    Im writing my own OpenGL examples and im at a simple point of making a Cube an projecting it in 3D system.
    I copied an example of a cube into my programm, but it looks very wierd.

    Then i...
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