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  1. The very basics of shading, where do I start?

    So I am incredibly new to OpenGL and have to learn for school, however, our teacher just hands out assignments, without any background on opengl whatsoever. So I'm stuck.

    I'm working on...
  2. Orbiting spheres, sometimes in front, sometimes behind

    I'm starting to feel stupid for not being able to solve this problem, but I can't even find any guide or tutorial on google from someone trying to do the same thing, even though it seems very simple....
  3. Hmm.. alright thank you. I was hoping there was a...

    Hmm.. alright thank you. I was hoping there was a way to actually connect the dots, but I will have to try this. I have to continue using glVertex2i so I will try out your suggestion tomorrow. The...
  4. That would be the following: glMatrixMode...

    That would be the following:

    glMatrixMode (GL_PROJECTION);
    glLoadIdentity ();
    gluOrtho2D (XMIN,
    XMIN + (XMAX-XMIN) * ((GLdouble) w)/((GLdouble) WINSIZE_X),
  5. Connect midpoint circle dots for circle outline

    Hello everyone,

    I've just begun learning openGL and one of the first steps is to draw a circle using the bresenham/midpoint algorithm. The code actual works (so proud of myself! ... ) but,...
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