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  1. Thread: Open Inventor

    by somodan

    Open Inventor


    I have seen some videos about Open Inventor.

    I'm still confused and don't know what Open Inventor Api is? it says "Opengl Toolkit" i know Opengl by itself is the API and glut for example...
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    Math skills for beginning Opengl


    what are the math subjects i need to start learning in order before i dive in into the learning world of opengl 3d application creating?

    is it Algebra or Trign or Matrixes or vectors?
  3. How to setup Opengl new project on Mac os Xcode latest?


    How can i setup Xcode project for openGL and Glut and Glut tools?
    I never done this before!
  4. excellent answer

    Thank you so much,

    Your answer is so clear and i had hard time to figure this out.

    Thanks again :)
  5. Making a realistic game engine rendering system

    Hi folks;

    So far, i have seen lots of people small projects and even small game engines, the quality of these games are really basic and look like cartoonish in somehow.

    Therefore i have a few...
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