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  1. still looking for solution

    still looking for solution
  2. GLSL black ring around object when using PBR lighting

    Hi, I'm creating a physically based lighting solution in my engine, and I've come across an issue where there's a black ring around the object from the light.

    I'm using this code in the fragment...
  3. OpenGL loader and ES/core compatibility questions

    1. Spec says GL4.x is compatible with ES3.y.
    Does it mean that I can include GL4.x headers to compile ES3.y code?

    2. Which GL loader can generate explicit function table?

    (what to avoid)
  4. coordinates of the vectors that made up shadow

    I have a problem and would like to know if you could help me with that.

    I need to project a arbitrary 2d plane (z is fixed) orthographically onto an arbitrary 3d object (varying Z values) and find...
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