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  1. scrolling normal maps to scrolling bump map

    I was wondering if it was possible to have 2 scrolling normal maps which can then be applied to a texture to create a moving bump map? Where the texture will be stationary if that makes sense. I...
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    multitexturing not working

    hey guys I am trying to get multitexturing to work however I am having trouble with it

    When I try to texture my quad with 2 textures it changes colours to seems that it is only taking...
  3. Texture not animating only shows black model

    hey guys I am trying to animate my texture using a bump map however it just comes up as a black model...well kind of dark blue

    attribute highp vec3 inVertex;

    uniform highp mat4 MVPMatrix;...
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    texture not moving OGLES2

    Hey guys I am having trouble with trying to get my normal map to pertubate the quad I have drawn and was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers as to where I have gone wrong? I will post my...
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