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  1. Thread: glfw3

    by Dan_182


    I recently downloaded glfw3 and I'm having a rough time getting stuff to compile. I use MinGW with the msys shell. When I downloaded glfw-3.0.3 I let it merge with all the files in the MinGW folder...
  2. Thanks! It was an animation method not a...

    Thanks! It was an animation method not a function. But now that brings up another question (if you know the answer), why is it when I compiled the program in C it didn't care whether it was a...
  3. Problem with converting my code from C to C++

    I'm pretty new to this. I've been using MinGW and Msys, I have been successfully creating programs in C but when I try to convert it over to C++ I get all sorts of problems. One, it wont recognize my...
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