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    VBO and VertexPointer Issues

    Hi There,
    Don't known if this is a beginner or advanced question so bare with me if I did not enter this question in teh beginner section.
    I am trying to mix displaying objects with VBOs and...
  2. Re: Good strategy for nv_occlusion_query and Octree data structure

    This i my following flowtrace for the tree drawing

    0- Generate n = (nbr of blocks of triangles + nbr of octree cells) occlusion query. This is done every time a new sets of groups of triangles...
  3. Re: Good strategy for nv_occlusion_query and Octree data structure

    I am already using vertex_buffer_object and have my sets of triangles grouped by types (i.e. textured the same way etc.). Each group contains about 3000 triangles which is large enough for the...
  4. Re: Good strategy for nv_occlusion_query and Octree data structure


    thanks for answering so quickly. I understand your method and I was thinking of doing so but I also am trying to benefit from the octree cells which can be used to cut down the number of...
  5. Good strategy for nv_occlusion_query and Octree data structure

    Hi there,

    I am looking for a good strategy to hide the nv_occlusion_query latency when displaying groups of triangles organized within an octree structure.

    For the time being, I have been...
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    Re: nv_occlusion_query Sync Question

    Thanks Jan2000 and Korval for your answer.

    I apologize for not having been more prompt in getting back to you... and now we are on emergency power (guess where I leave!).

    I am still trying to...
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    nv_occlusion_query Sync Question

    I am writting a little post-processor to display some of my Fluid Dynamics results. Results are usually a bunch of connected triangles with colored or textures nodes. It makes use of octree after...
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    Re: ARB_texture_env_combine problem

    Thanks all for the quick reply to my problem. Now I understand the limitation of the pure ARB_texture_env_combine extension. I am working with a mobility 9000 and geforcefx cards at work and the...
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    ARB_texture_env_combine problem

    Hi there,

    I am new to OpenGL ARB texture combine stuff. I am trying to combine 2 textures using a third one as an interpolant.
    I have not found examples using the INTERPOLATE_ARB combine option....
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