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  1. Custom interpolation within the fragment shader

    I'm asking for an extented flat shading without a provoking vertex. Instead, all 2 or 3 sets of input data shall be passed unmodified to the fragment shader. As some GPUs already interpolate within...
  2. Suggestion for next glsl: float2integer convertion with defined rounding behavoir

    My current application often has to convert from float to integers, but glsl seems to lack convertion functions with defined rounding behavoirs:

    In fact, I'm asking for this ones:
    genIType ifloor...
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    Something like this was added to OpenGL 4.4:...

    Something like this was added to OpenGL 4.4: ARB_buffer_storage
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    Adding priorities to contexts sounds fine, but I...

    Adding priorities to contexts sounds fine, but I don't see the benefits of multiple "threads" per context.

    I think to original suggestion is to split up GPU tasks into many prioritized command...
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    buffer usage while mapped


    I like to see a flag for glMapBufferRange that will allow the usage of this buffer while mapped. The use case will be almost the same as for AMD_pinned_memory (streaming buffers without...
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