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  1. Re: How to store 8 four bit values in 32 bits??

    Alfonse, I cannot as I also need a RGBA8 attachment, and yes I was indeed referring to texture attatchments to a framebuffer object, sorry for not being clear. I am in essence trying to shove more...
  2. How to store 8 four bit values in 32 bits??

    Long story short is that I'd like to store 8 four bit values in a 32 bit attachment and decode them in a shader. Am I totally screwed without requiring shader model 4? Int samplers and bit...
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    Re: Removing Deprecated Features

    With this code I believe you need to send the light position in eye space to the shader, and the lighting is computed in that space. Depending upon what is in your "FinalMatrix"

    In what space are...
  4. Performance and stride of vertex arrays?

    During some tuning of my skinning code I realized that some time was lost taking the simd results and copying them into our vertex buffers (x, y, z only, no w). This made me wonder if it might be...
  5. Re: branch vs 1x1 fetch vs shader state change...???

    Thanks Jan, yeah it certainly helps From my understanding the latency from larger branches on modern GPUs comes from the pipeline. Where a block of fragments are executed simultaneously and results...
  6. Re: branch vs 1x1 fetch vs shader state change...???

    Hmmm...while it is true that during optimization I will deal with the bottle necks (this is FAR from my first rodeo, 14 years doing game graphics for a living), it doesn't hurt to think about the...
  7. Re: branch vs 1x1 fetch vs shader state change...???

    Thanks for the reply, but...

    1. Obviously the question was posted in an attempt to avoid implementing all 3 and checking over a huge range of hardware, as this is expensive in both time and...
  8. branch vs 1x1 fetch vs shader state change...???

    I have a problem where I'm implementing a feature in my engine, and I am faced with the following choices...

    1. duplicate 4 shaders to do 1 extra texture fetch + multiply.
    2. do if (doThis >...
  9. question about light prepass and msaa

    Hey all, I am working on a light pre-pass renderer in gl 2.x currently and have some issues with MSAA.

    Near as I can figure it, I only really have a couple of choices.

    1. only msaa the forward...
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    is there an early stencil test?

    Any of you IHV guys have thoughts on how fast a stencil test with GL_EQUAL is now-a-days? Is it possible to leverage this test to save on fragment processing? Obviously in the GL spec it happens...
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    Re: What exactly do display lists do?

    It is interesting that display lists are being introduced to DX now though.
  12. Re: please help, depth texture rectangle in glsl

    Ah, this was my own stupidity, I forgot to resolve the multisamples on the depth buffer in my frambuffer blit! duh.....


  13. please help, depth texture rectangle in glsl

    For some reason I just cannot get depth values from my texture rectangle depth buffers. I desperately need help as I've tried just about everything I can think of.

    My color attachment for the...
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    Re: how many FBOs is too many?

    Madoc, thanks, you are correct of course about not requiring a color buffer, and reviewing my FBO abstraction that I wrote about 2 years ago, it also doesn't require one.

    Scratt, thanks for the...
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    how many FBOs is too many?

    This has probably been discussed before, so please forgive me as I'm searching through the forum, but I am generalizing my shadow map code and am wondering which of these approaches would be better....
  16. Re: Official Bindless Graphics feedback thread

    This is definitely promising. It seems that it would be pretty easy to change my VBO code to do this. I assume the big wins here are a direct connection to GPU address, thus eliminating a bind id...
  17. Re: Optimize performance for displaying text

    This will be highly dependent upon how you are drawing the text, are you using immediate mode? What I would do is to use a font texture indexed by using "GetTextMetrics" if you are on windows, then...
  18. Re: The most "Industry Standard Method" for shading?

    No standard exists, what you really need to do is define what your needs will be for your application, and go from there. If you need a bunch of dynamic lights, all with interactive shadows, you can...
  19. Re: are there any OGL 2.1 tutorials available?

    Are you referring to vertex array examples? Just google for those and you'll find a few from Nehe etc... Probably should read that section of the red book and then read up on vertex buffer objects,...
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    Re: Skydomes

    If you use shaders, you can implement your sphere map tex gen in the vertex program and use a texture matrix style transform to align the texture.

    Probably better would be to just get a hemisphere...
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    Re: who's using occlusion testing

    What you really meant to ask would be "is anyone using occlusion query". There are many occlusion culling algorithms that are not based on Occlusion query.

    Also, there are more efficient ways of...
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    Re: Ray Tracing Help

    OpenGL is a rendering API, and does not do ray tracing, nor does it do global illumination for you. For GI, you might want to use Jan's tool there (google) and look into screen space ambient...
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    Re: who's using occlusion testing

    It is certainly a matter of the environments in your game/3d app. If you are making a game with a good amount of indoor areas, OC is pretty important to get highly detailed areas. It's obviously...
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    Re: Framebuffer blit on float targets

    What hardware? I do exactly those operations with those formats in my engine and have not seen problems on PC.
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    Re: Square not being clipped correctly

    MarkS, that is certainly not the case. If your card does not have a native OpenGL driver there have been wrappers based upon direct X, but they have been pretty bad. A card with native OpenGL...
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