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  1. Thanks Alfonse. I have seen this before but I...

    Thanks Alfonse. I have seen this before but I obviously need to do a thorough read.

    The reason I'm still confused is probably because the documentation is off.

    Note the copy paste typos....
  2. What's the difference between Vertex Attribute stride and relative offset?

    glVertexAttribFormat use the term "relative offset" but all other VertexAttrib functions I've seen use the term "stride."
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    Can I call core API with EXT enums?

    I'm making a wrapper around OpenGL and I came across "ubiquitous extensions." Specifically, image formats like GL_COMPRESSED_*_EXT.

    Can I use this EXT format on a core API functions... like......
  4. Answered my own question: glGetQueryObject

    Answered my own question:

  5. Do glGet__() functions always modify their argument even on error?

    Do glGet___() functions always modify the output variable, even on errors?

    glGetVertexAttrib, glGetInteger, glGetProgram, glGetVertexAttrib, glGetBufferParameter, etc.

    Yes, this is...
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