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  1. imageStore stops working after a number of compute shader invocations.

    I have a compute shader that I call iteratively as part of a larger algorithm. I'm currently getting strange behaviour that is either caused by imageStore not writing to the texture, or uniform...
  2. noise1() only returns 0 in compute shader (GLSL version 4.3)

    Im running a compute shader on an Nvidia GTX 670, on Ubuntu 12.04 using the Nvidia 325.15 drivers.

    All calls to noise1() return 0 regardess of my seed value. Is this normal?
  3. GLSL corrupting image2d when exporting mat4 array assigned using a for loop

    I've already written out my problem here:

    Basically if i assign mat4 to...
  4. SuperBible 5th First program problems with Linux

    Hi, i'm very new to OpenGl. I recently bought the 5th edition book and am very frustrated as they dont provide any instruction for linux users on how to set up a project.

    I have opengl set up, i...
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