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  1. Thread: Windows Me

    by J.Ravel

    Re: Windows Me

    I am running Win me snd it works fine now, I had loads of problems with it at first try the link if you have problems.
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    Re: OpenGL applications run very slow

    Thanks for that it worked for anyone having the same problem this is what i did.

    Click Start / Run.

    Type "win.ini" (without quotes) and press OK.

    Search for a line that says "DVA=0" (without...
  3. Re: Hi, I have a SIS 6326 and I have a Problem............!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Try I use to own an sis 6326 and got all the latest drivers from there.
    Hope this helps
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    OpenGL applications run very slow

    I have just got an nvidia GeForce 2MX PCI card, any games or programs that use OpenGL run really slow or don't run at all, I have run GL setup But I get the message that the drivers I have installed...
  5. Creative GeForce 2 MX and OpenGL can't run Alice

    When trying to run Alice I get an OpenGL error, and applications that use OpenGL(screensavers etc) run very slow or not at all. I have run OpenGL setup again, but no luck, I have reinstalled the...
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    OpenGL Geforce2 MX PCI

    I am running windows me,I cannot run OpenGL applications with the Creative Geforce2 MX PCI card.

    In OpenGL diag. I get the error:
    504. OpenGL not accelerated.Please reinstall display drivers.
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