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  1. Re: glVertexArrayVertexAttribOffsetEXT ?

    See DSA specs:
  2. Re: glFramebufferTextureFace/Layer/2D

    Thank you for clarification.
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    Re: FBO and Mipmaps

    Call glGenerateMipmap after rendering to FBO.
  4. glFramebufferTextureFace/Layer/2D

    To create 2D FBO using single cubemap face, we could use glFramebufferTextureFace:

    However this is not implemented on NVidia...
  5. Re: Official feedback on OpenGL 4.0 thread

    Wonderful news! Has anyone tested it yet?

    And new reference pages are also a good thing. Good job!

    But now I can see another valuable feature (apart from -- of course -- including DSA into core...
  6. Re: Official feedback on OpenGL 4.0 thread

    When can we expect updated reference pages on for 3.x/4.x?

    What is current shipping status of DSA? Is it going to be included with future OpenGL version? What about ATI support?
  7. Re: Official feedback on OpenGL 4.0 thread

    To all those requesting anything from OpenGL: write your own software renderer and you have it. Works great when done well.

    Binding/state system have no benefits. It is a minor problem for IHV and...
  8. Re: Official feedback on OpenGL 4.0 thread

    It's hard to call it "revolution", I was hoping to see all glBinds deprecated and use only DSA (at least in core profiles).
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