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  1. Using same textures across different GLSurfaceVIews!

    I ve different GLSurfaceViews, four of them in a single activity in android. Is it possible to share a texture between all these surfaceviews. I am nt able to use the texture ID generated in one...
  2. Questions: GL_LINEAR is not working in android GLES 3.0

    Actually, Image doesnt even appear on GL_LINEAR. GL_NEAREST produces blurred images where there is slight distortion. Is there any mathematical algorithm which i can implement in th shader to counter...
  3. Questions: GL_LINEAR is not working in android GLES 3.0

    Hi, I tried using Texture parameters for MIN and MAG FILTER as GL_LINEAR, but it gives a black screen for me.
    Is there a way to implement this interpolation in 3D texturing? i am getting distorded...
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