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  1. glRotate changes coordinates so that the rectangle draws on a rotated plane

    I am running into an issue here. I set up a square projectile with a velocity x an y, and draw the actual square to the location, by setting the vertex positions there like so.

  2. Yes, before the shot is fired the angle and power...

    Yes, before the shot is fired the angle and power of the shot is adjusted by the user drawing a line on the screen. so before the shot that is used to rotate the arrow (and the bow elsewhere in the...
  3. Figured it out

    it was my order of operations, needed to look like this

    boolean hasTranslated = false;
    if (!l2rArrow.isFired) {
    gl.glPushMatrix(); //save our state
  4. beginner trying to wrap head around a bugged call to GLtranslate

    I have a archer shooting a arrow. When the archer shoots i need the "camera" to follow the arrow, as to keep the arrow dead center while every thing else translates.

    basically follow the arrow....
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