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  1. Re: So what do you guys think of Apple's 3.2 drivers?

    Such as?
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    Re: Apple capability matrix updated for MacOS 10.7

    Both EXT_texture_sRGB and ARB_framebuffer_sRGB are supported under GL 3.2 (through the core API path)
    as well as GL 2.x (via extensions on supported renderers) on this platform.
  3. Re: texture2D refuses to sample 1-channel texture

    As per the OpenGL specification GL_ALPHA maps to the following { RGBA } vector:

    { R = 0, G = 0, B = 0, A = A }

    The following fragment shader demonstrates how to sample from GL_ALPHA:
  4. Re: Direct GL_YUV, GL_YCbCr or YCoCg texture suppo

    A number of vendors (i.e. Apple, ...) have had support for rendering YCbCr 4:2:2 formats through the OpenGL API. For example on Mac OS X (going all the way back to 10.2.x) you have support for...
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    Re: glsl/leopard freeze hw

    Post the shader(s) and what renderer(s) you were testing with. Furthermore as OSC stated above please file a Radar (i.e. ASAP.
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    Re: Starting OpenGL on the Mac

    Considering that the GLUT API (via /System/Library/Frameworks/GLUT.framework) is shipping by default on Mac OS X I don't see why this would be needed.

    Just make sure you #include the proper...
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    Re: Starting OpenGL on the Mac

    Well if you are interested in learning about the OpenGL pipeline from a programmable standpoint (i.e. ARB_[vertex, fragment]_shader or ARB_[vertex, fragment]_program) then it would be a good idea to...
  8. Re: YUV to RGB conversion using text_fragment_shader

    Heh, that make sense (stupid me). I have come up with this:



    CONSTANT c0 = {0.299, 0.587, 0.114};
    CONSTANT c1 = {0.596, 0.275, 0.321};
    CONSTANT c2 = {0.212,...
  9. YUV to RGB conversion using text_fragment_shader

    OK, I have an application that decodes YUV video
    that is textured in GL (on a mac), I would like to
    use ATI_text_fragment_shader for video processing
    but I need to do a YUV -> RGB color...
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