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  1. Angular/Position velocity by using quaternion - problems.

    Hello folks,

    I am working on my orbital flight simulator. I recently implemented keyboard controls to fly spacecraft. However, I have some problems with velocity. I tried to press a key to...
  2. Yeah. That book is now out on Informit and will...

    Yeah. That book is now out on Informit and will be out on Amazon in a week.

  3. Yes, Publisher ( said that its...

    Yes, Publisher ( said that its release date was yesterday but online stores said that release date is a week away. Hmm.

    Ok, I have wait for website is back online to get sample...
  4. OpenGL Programming Guide 8th edition - website problem

    Hello folks,

    I received email message from Informit and my "OpenGL Programming Guide 8th edition" ebook was now available for download after I preordered that. That book gives some tutorial about...
  5. Mapping texture on sphere with shader programs.

    Hello folks,

    Also, I am studying about virtual globe for programming because I am trying to write my own orbital flight simulator. I have a book called "3D Engine Design for Virtual Globe" but...
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    OpenGL SuperBible 5th Edition - Setup problem

    Hello folks,

    I am new to OpenGL programming and want to learn how to write OpenGL programs. I got a book called "OpenGL Super Bible 5th Edition".

    On Windows 8 Pro w/Visual Studio 2012, I tried...
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