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  1. Here is what I mean:...

    Here is what I mean:
    I wanted the line on the left to be drawn with pixels in same color, not with semi-pixels to give a smooth...
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    Sorry, I misunderstood. "When you rotate" Yes,...

    Sorry, I misunderstood. "When you rotate" Yes, this can be because of the distance of the nearplane to the camera position.I have came across the same problem before if the actual problem is that....
  3. Smooth lines which aren't able to be made flat

    Hi everybody.
    I came with a very simple question.
    I have a problem with usage of flat lines. Although I tried disabling GL_LINE_SMOOTH and also turned off GL_BLEND mode, lines are still smooth....
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    Try replacing "(GLfloat)1366/768" by 1.0f

    Try replacing "(GLfloat)1366/768" by 1.0f
  5. OK, I solved the problem. As you said, I needed...

    OK, I solved the problem. As you said, I needed to rearrange the attributes according to vertex position. I decided what I must do and did by adding the following code:

    for(int i=0;...
  6. glDrawElements with multi indexing buffers

    Hello everybody,
    I have dealed with OpenGL 3.3 by the help of my old experiences in former versions of it for a few days and with long breaks.
    I have wrote an OBJ loader function in C++ with SDL...
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