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    Thank you for your reply, I actually never call...

    Thank you for your reply, I actually never call the setWindow function where the glOrtho function is so I thought that using the screen coordinates would work?

    Found the problem! I needed...
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    How can I add in my XY axis?

    I have been at this project for weeks....and it finally works!! yay!!! But now I have a new problem..I want to be able to just show the X and Y axis throughout my entire animation. I have tried...
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    redraw loop drawing multiple objects

    Hello! I am so confused...I have a very simple loop that I would really like to be a while loop..however when I do use while, I get I started working with a for loop and I do get a...
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    Animation loop

    Hello! I am working on an animation that shows how an actual rotation is handled in openGL. So far, I have a shape that starts at a position and I have it animated moving back and forth from the...
  5. Ha! It was the logic..I had to read it out...

    Ha! It was the logic..I had to read it out case this helps anyone...

    if (xDirection==0 && xPos > 0.0) {

    if (xDirection==0 && xPos < 0.0) {
  6. Simple animation issue--but I can't see it

    Hello! I have been staring at this for hours and have played around with all of the logic and numbers and nothing seems to do what I want. I am trying to create an animation that shows how a shape...
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    Not understanding switch statements

    Hello all! I am in week 3 of learning how to program in openGL and I am having a tough time making a program interactive. There are several parts to my assignment but I am getting stuck on my...
  8. newbie mistake...I forgot my glFlush() at the...

    newbie mistake...I forgot my glFlush() at the great!
  9. drawing a circle does not display anything...?

    Hello! I am doing a super quick crash course in OpenGL to prepare myself for some research in graphics that I am doing. I have been going through tutorials of drawing simple polygons and all was...
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