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  1. How to display spherical planet by using cubemap or icosahedron?


    Does anyone know any OpenGL programs to render cubemap or icosahedron-based spherical planet in both wireframe and texture mode? I googled about it but can't find them so far. I found only...
  2. LOD level determination by using varying FOV?


    Does anyone know any algorithm about LOD level determination by using varying FOV for massive terrain mapping on procedural planet? For example, when FOV get narrower, LOD level will go...
  3. Angular/Position velocity by using quaternion - problems.

    Hello folks,

    I am working on my orbital flight simulator. I recently implemented keyboard controls to fly spacecraft. However, I have some problems with velocity. I tried to press a key to...
  4. Yeah. That book is now out on Informit and will...

    Yeah. That book is now out on Informit and will be out on Amazon in a week.

  5. Yes, Publisher ( said that its...

    Yes, Publisher ( said that its release date was yesterday but online stores said that release date is a week away. Hmm.

    Ok, I have wait for website is back online to get sample...
  6. OpenGL Programming Guide 8th edition - website problem

    Hello folks,

    I received email message from Informit and my "OpenGL Programming Guide 8th edition" ebook was now available for download after I preordered that. That book gives some tutorial about...
  7. Mapping texture on sphere with shader programs.

    Hello folks,

    Also, I am studying about virtual globe for programming because I am trying to write my own orbital flight simulator. I have a book called "3D Engine Design for Virtual Globe" but...
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    OpenGL SuperBible 5th Edition - Setup problem

    Hello folks,

    I am new to OpenGL programming and want to learn how to write OpenGL programs. I got a book called "OpenGL Super Bible 5th Edition".

    On Windows 8 Pro w/Visual Studio 2012, I tried...
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