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  1. You can create such textures in Gimp, Photoshop,...

    You can create such textures in Gimp, Photoshop, and many other applications.

    If you want your textures to be tileable then you'll ideally want to retouch them by hand. Takes a little bit of...
  2. Hi, Sorry -- you probably checked this, but...


    Sorry -- you probably checked this, but what is loading the image?
    (BMP files are saved upside down :) )

    Dave Driesen
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    Re: Get the Polygon Mouse Position

    What Dletozeun means is that you don't need to draw anything other than your selection plane(s) in your selection pass. Then you can't have the problem that some other object's name is being returned...
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    Re: Depth Only FrameBuffer?

    When it comes to depth buffers, white isn't necessarily bad (pardon my optimistic reasoning). Try rendering a polygon into the camera or something and see if the resulting depth buffer is still all...
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    Re: Depth Only FrameBuffer?

    I am absolutely positive that using GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR on GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER breaks shadow map FBO's on my development machines. Tested again to be sure. For this reason, I am using:

  6. Re: How to force unquantized (-1.0->1.0) depth in GLSL

    Hehe :) yes it is confusing and I've been going over and over it in my head for a while as well so my explanation is probably pretty confusing in itself.

    What I observed is that after perspective...
  7. Re: How to rotate object around screen coordinates?

    I know this was posted in the beginner area but you seem familiar with the math involved so I just want to note that you could do this by providing a position, up- and forwardvector for each object...
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