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  1. Line Triangle intersection - Is this output correct?

    Hello, I guess I missed too many classes on geometry.
    This code should compute the intersection between a line, with origin at s1 and s2 as direction, and a triangle, with vertices p0, p1 and p2....
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    So, it seems that closest_point is the only...

    So, it seems that closest_point is the only extension I tried that does not work.
    I'm including it in my code the following way.

    #include <glm/gtx/closest_point.hpp>
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    [SOLVED] Problem including glm extensions

    I've been trying to use some GLM extensions (GTX) in my source code without success. They fail when gcc tries to link them.
    I created a test code that does nothing. I just wanted to test if I'd be...
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