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  1. Removing following code solved it: ...

    Removing following code solved it:

  2. Surfaces are seperated in NVidia graphics

    All surfaces a seperated in NVidia graphics when using a shader, which uses only shadowmap and normalmap. But the whole thing runs great on IntelHD.
    Can anyone help what can be the reason. The whole...
  3. removing artifacts in Shadowmap adds some extra shadows

    I am trying to implement shadowmap in opengl. I am having some artifacts which i am supposed to have. But while trying to remove that i get some extra shadows

    vec4 shadowCoordinateWdivide =...
  4. i got my error i had used different width and...

    i got my error
    i had used different width and height for cube map
  5. is anyone alive here!!!

    is anyone alive here!!!
  6. GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_ATTACHMENT_EXT while creating framebuffer with cubemap

    I am trying to create framebuffer with cubemap for environment-map, but it gives GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_ATTACHMENT_EXT error while attachment of the cubemap as color attachment.

  7. Thanks it works

    Thanks it works
  8. Rendering in Framebuffer does not effect while GL_DEPTH_TEST enabled

    I am trying to render everything in a frame buffer.

    So i made a framebuffer with depth texture and color texture attached as shown here :...
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    Reflection using frame buffer

    water reflection just using scaling glScalef(1, 1, -1) is being blocked by terrain under water.
    So i think it would be better if reflection is first stored in framebuffer.
    but how can i project the...
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    how to use glFogCoordEXT in GLSL

    I used glFogCoordEXT to distinguish explored and unexplored terrain. But after i use a shader for normal mapping on terrain, its working fine but the fog is no more there.

    can some one please help...
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    Sorry, i got what i was wrong about

    Sorry, i got what i was wrong about
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    Terrain Texture3D Map

    I am trying to map a terrain with 8 512x512 images using texture3D to get blended texture change.
    But Opengl forces me to allocate 512x512x512 array instead of 512x512x8
    What can be solution
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