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  1. Thanks for your reply, I moved the tan() thing to...

    Thanks for your reply, I moved the tan() thing to my CPU program and removed the max() thing (used if() instead ).
    Now my program is running 0.7 to 1.5 fps faster then the same program with a...
  2. I know its not really the topic anymore but I...

    I know its not really the topic anymore but I wrote this function to simulate a perspective projection in the shader and for me It seems mouch simpler then a matrix multiplication so my question is...
  3. Use function insteead of projection matrix

    Is it possible to use a custom function instead of the projection matrix to for example not project a vertex on a plane but a sphere ?
    It should return an X-/Y-/Z-value between 0 and 1 of course and...
  4. Efficient way to return all boxes hit by a ray.

    Im not sure if Im right in this forum because my question is not realy about openGL.
    I have an idea how I could solve the problem in the title but I want to know your oppinion about that before I...
  5. The problem was that did pow(-x, y) to calculate...

    The problem was that did pow(-x, y) to calculate an argument for the function and this resulted in a NaN.
    thank you.
  6. GLSL determinant() returns an 'undefined' result

    I have a little function that should get the intersection point of a ray with an infinite plane.
    The function looks like this :

    vec3 raytracePlaneI(vec3 s, vec3 a, vec3 b, vec3 o, vec3 d)
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    segfault after glGetTexImage

    Im trying to save my rendered image as a .ppm file but if I use glGetTexImage() and after that glUseProgram() I always get segmentation fault.
    Do anyone know why I get this error.
    This is the way I...
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    Framebuffer problems

    Im trying to render to a texture (shadowmap) but if I try to generate the framebuffer I always get GL_UNSUPORTED_FRAMEBUFFER_EXT.
    I have a Nvidia GPU (GTX950 oc).

    Texture generation :

  10. I solved it I had to devide 1 by my w component :...

    I solved it I had to devide 1 by my w component :
    dragmentDepthInLightSpace = 1/shadowMapCoords.w;
  11. I don't use the shadow maps depth value to define...

    I don't use the shadow maps depth value to define my fragment color, I use the Matrix of the Light multiplied with my vertex, I need this for checking if the fragment is behind the nearest depth...
  12. this is my vertex shader : #version 440 ...

    this is my vertex shader :

    #version 440

    layout(location = 0) in vec3 vertexPosition;
    layout(location = 3) in vec4 vertexColor;
    layout(location = 2) in vec4 vertexNormal;
    layout(location =...
  13. Its the same calculation of the shadowCoords :...

    Its the same calculation of the shadowCoords :
    depthMVP = depthProjectionMatrix*depthViewMatrix*depthModelMatrix;
    biasDepthMatrix = bias*depthMVP;

    shadowCoord = biasDepthMatrix*vertexPosition;...
  14. Problem with shadow mapping (fragment depth)

    I have tryed to impement shadow mapping in my OpenGL project, but if I do this :
    shadowCoords = bias*lightProjectionMatrix*lightViewMatrix*lightModelMatrix*vertexPosition;
    and then ...
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    Convert normalmap to object space

    Hello, I had a look at lightning and phong shaders so I also have to do with normal maps in tangend-space.
    I want to use this normals without using tangend-vectors.
    I tryed to use a rotation Matrix...
  16. Problem solved

    I solved it, projectionMatrix[11] has to be (2*far*near)/(near-far) not (2*far*near)/near-far .
  17. Black screen

    I changed the GL_FALSE to GL_TRUE, now I get a black screen.

    MATRIX :

    void Perspective(float fovy, float aspect, float near, float far)
    fovy = degree*90;
    float f;
    f = 1/tan(fovy/2);
  18. Now I get a strange result...

    Now I get a strange result.
    I don't know why but may it be that I miss something in the shader ??
  19. I have a problem wit my projection matrix...

    (Sorry for my english skills...)

    I tryed to write my own GLSL #version440 schader but when I add my projectionMatrix I get a black screen, I think because of any reason my matrix is 0 (when I use...
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