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  1. Re: shading program the fiddles with Z values

    ok 10x but i need i was hoping for something more meaningful -
    and also I meant some program the utilizes the incoming fragment's Z value and not setting the output FragDepth.
  2. shading program the fiddles with Z values

    Hi all,
    i'm looking for an example of a shader program that changes the depth values, and also would appreciate a short explanation what kind of effects this can produce.

    thank you!
  3. Stencil operations when stencil is disabled

    if Stencil is disabled, then do stencil operations still take place if depth tests are enabled? or do they operations take place (dpfail/dppass) when stencil tests is enabled?

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    Re: glTexImage2D - where does it copy from

    Dark Photon - good catch on that line in the errors - it doesn't implicilty state what i wanted to know, but it is reassuring -

    it seems the peeps who wrote the api find it obvious that you would...
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    glTexImage2D - where does it copy from


    I wanted to make sure I understood - this isn't written explicitly anywhere: the source of the pixels that are copied into the texture depends on the format given with glCopyTexImage2D?
  6. glsl - specify buffer, but no assigdment to frag


    i'm curious what will happen if I assign a render buffer (using glDrawBuffers for instance) to buffer #3, and fail to assign any value in my shader program to gl_FragData[3] -
    will the...
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