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  1. simplest but modular program made in OpenGl 2.0

    Hi Guys,
    I have been working lately to understand and run a very basic but yet the most modular project that can help
    any new bee start with successful use of OpenGL2.0 in...
  2. In OpenGL2.0 Very basic shader for beginners

    hi guys, i have made a sample shading program for running a simple OpenGL2.0 proram in windows.
    Hope this will be helpful for beginners in OpenGL.

    /* Using the standard output for fprintf */...
  3. Your most welcome :)

    Your most welcome :)
  4. Hi. Well this can be achieved just by replacing...

    Well this can be achieved just by replacing gluPerspective() with glOrtho().
    Please try.

    glOrtho (-w*ratio, w*ratio, -h*ratio, h*ratio, win.z_near, win.z_far);

    Do let me know if u still...
  5. Cube using OpenGL and rotating it using mouse events

    Hi Guys, I was just sitting idle and some1 came to me and asked me to make a sample Cube in openGL in C C++,
    I decided to post the sample here so that every begginer gets this thing an a good sample...
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