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  1. Binding an atomic counter by name, eg. not using GLSL layout(binding = N)


    Is it possible to bind an atomic counter without the need to have a layout declaration in GLSL? In other words, is it possible to bind atomic counters by name? The problem with the layout...
  2. Thanks for the clarification, Dark Photon. I did...

    Thanks for the clarification, Dark Photon.
    I did actually see the BindBufferRange documentation and concluded I could use BindBufferBase(...,...,0); I find it weird that this is not specified in the...
  3. Binding and unbinding GL_ATOMIC_COUNTER buffers


    I would like a clarification about to allocate data to an atomic counter buffer, and how to use it later on.

    For the allocation, shall I do:

  4. Reading back data with the CPU, that is the results of some GPU work


    I would like to do some work on the GPU and then do some CPU work with the results. How should I do that ?

    // Execute work on the GPU
  5. MemoryBarrier doesn't work on AMD hardware


    I have a fragment shader that does some heavy work using image load/store operations. memoryBarrier() is called inside the shader (and inbetween shader executions) to make sure the...
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    Nevermind I figured it out....

    Nevermind I figured it out. glGetIntegerv(GL_MAX_TEXTURE_BUFFER_SIZE, &i); gives me 134M texels, that is, 512MB. It is weird glBufferData does not raise an error.
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    512MB buffer size limitation and GLSL


    It seems there is a limitation in terms of buffer memory size with the nVidia drivers, in that although I can successfully allocate more than 512MB for a buffer object, running my shaders will...
  8. I figured it out. As things weren't working, I...

    I figured it out. As things weren't working, I switched to a smaller prototype application that we are using. I changed the value of layered to GL_TRUE in this prototype, and things were still not...
  9. Hi Dan, Yes it is a forum post typo, I'm doing...

    Hi Dan,

    Yes it is a forum post typo, I'm doing result = glGetUniformLocationARB(prog, "tex"); then glUniform1iARB(result, SLOT);
    result is valid and no GL error.
  10. Hi Ilian, I did try layered=GL_TRUE already,...

    Hi Ilian,

    I did try layered=GL_TRUE already, and it doesn't work. All read values are 0.0f.
    Also MIN and MAG FILTER are at GL_NEAREST.

    Tried to generate mipmaps - same result. Tried setting...
  11. Can't make imageLoad(image3D) to work (texture(sampler3D) or imageLoad(image2D) OK)


    I am trying to make my shader work with a read-only image3D uniform.

    This is the way I create my image:

    // Creation
    glGenTextures(1, &tex);
    glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_3D, tex);
  12. Coherent GLSL 420 imageBuffer access in single-stage, single-pass scenario

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I find lots of confusing information in the forums. Sometimes this information is (I believe) contradicting the specification of OpenGL.

  13. Thanks for your reply. This makes sense. One...

    Thanks for your reply. This makes sense.

    One last question, if my shader has to perform multiple atomicMin's at the same memory location, but without ever having the need to read any old value...
  14. imageAtomicMin(), memoryBarrier() and coherent uniform qualifier


    I have a shader that pokes into a framebuffer-sized image (uimage2D) when rendering fragments.
    Eg. everytime a fragment shader invocation is run, the following happens:

    uniform uimage2D...
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    Kepler GK110 - using atomicMin64 from GLSL?


    According to the following document (*), GK110 GPUs (eg. GTX 780) offer atomicMin/Max/And/Or/Xor operations on 64-bit unsigned integers.

    How can I access this functionality through GLSL? It...
  16. Unable to attach separate stencil buffer to FBO (packed depth+stencil is fine)


    I can use a packed depth stencil with my FBO just fine using the following code (color buffer construction code omitted):

    glBindTexture(target = GL_TEXTURE_2D, texture = 17)...
  17. It seems early stencil cull is completely...

    It seems early stencil cull is completely disabled as soon as discard is being used in the shader.
    I don't understand why, as the stencil test should be done before the depth test and rasterization....
  18. Can't manage to get early stencil culling to work...

    Can't manage to get early stencil culling to work :(

    From what I can see, nVidia has a patent on stencil-based culling, but how I can enable it?

  19. Early fragment culling using the stencil buffe


    I have a fragment shader that writes to the depth buffer (gl_FragDepth) and does some pretty expensive work. This shader only needs to run on a few screen pixels (maybe a thousand or more)....
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    This makes sense. I tried with a regular...

    This makes sense.

    I tried with a regular GL_RGBA pixel format and get the following:


    So it's better, but it isn't perfect. I verified the values in the depth buffer and the missing...
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    Ouch. I believe you, but I am just very...

    Ouch. I believe you, but I am just very surprised. I thought that, say, one-pixel sized triangles would always get rendered as a single fragment, but according to what you say, very often, they won't...
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    Have a look at the following image: 1084 ...

    When a group of triangles cover a fragment, the fragment's centre will lie within one of the triangles, and thus be rendered. OpenGL's rasterisation rules require that, in this situation, the...
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    [/LIST] Does this mean most fragments don't...

    Does this mean most fragments don't actually get rendered in my situation?
    This rule makes sense but sounds a bit odd to me. Afterall, fragments at triangle endpoints usually do not lie in...
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    This is what I am surprised with. And I do render...

    This is what I am surprised with. And I do render every single fragment (gl_FragColor = vec4(1,0,0,1)).

    I don't have antialiasing enabled.
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    Unexpected GPU triangle rasterization output


    I'm trying to render the geometry that is shown in the following screenshot (wireframe mode):


    This geometry is issued from dynamic tessellation, with fixed tessellation factors. As...
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