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    alphanumeric text boxes opengl

    Can someone recommend a text-box or graphic ABC library/program or even menu system that can be used with opengl? Does anyone recommend Qt?
  2. So basically the display function number of calls...

    So basically the display function number of calls is the frame rate when measured over a second? Many of the functions call other functions when an event occurs e.g. keyup, key down. But what part of...
  3. In file included from ..\src\Window.h:21:0, ...

    In file included from ..\src\Window.h:21:0,
    from ..\src\Window.cpp:1:
    C:/minGW/mingw64/x86_64-w64-mingw32/include/glm/gtx/string_cast.hpp:27:3: error: #error "GLM:...
  4. error persistent, expanded message


    #include <glm/gtx/string_cast.hpp>

    error message:
  5. GLM extension glm_enable_experimental

    Need assistance from someone to implement the glm_enable_experimental extension for the following program. I thought I had been adding it in the correct place, but still getting the error:

  6. post redisplay works but in the right place?

    My program works however I feel like the glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT|GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT);
    glutPostRedisplay(); functions are maybe not where they should be. When the user presses 'w' some...
  7. That's correct. I was focusing on background...

    That's correct. I was focusing on background color.
  8. swapBuffer is being called 3 times.

    swapBuffer is being called 3 times.
  9. glClear and glClearColor order doesn't matter

    In the following code it doesn't matter to the background color I am drawing, whether glClear comes first or glClearColor comes first. I don't understand that: I thought glClear would clear the color...
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    If the 64bit opengl file is already in...

    If the 64bit opengl file is already in Windows/system32, what do I do with it. Thanks on verything else.
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    static GLEW question

    Finished converting the following code to x64. In the process, with the #define GLEW static, I only needed GLFW3 and freeglut includes. I converted libglfw3dll.a to libglfw3.a and used the dll to...
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    Do I continue to link against -l opengl32 I have...

    Do I continue to link against -l opengl32 I have been using? And when you say that opengl32 64bit is named the same as 32bit, are they the same file or is one 64bit and one 32bit?

    Ive never seen a...
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    Excellent thank you! That was the piece I needed....

    Excellent thank you! That was the piece I needed. I was compiling with 64bit GLEW headers/libraries (in other examples) & freeglut which was going nicely except for the opengl32, which I didn't know...
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    freeglut program almost works

    I want to use freeglut, but the only way I can get the following program to work is by adding "opengl32" to the library list "libfreeglut.a" and "libfreeglut_static.a", which defeats the point. I...
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    trying to incorporate trig strafe


    I've updated my program code with a snippet that I found on the internet to add trig.strafe features to my glut FPS camera. Amazingly, it worked right away. Unfortunately I didn't learn much...
  16. Got it fixed with your help, thanks. For now...

    Got it fixed with your help, thanks.

    For now , you hit it on the head. I'm using the GLUT FPS for learning. I'm going to migrate towards contemporary OpenGL once I cross some topics issues off...
  17. four callbacks to handle ASCII & special function keys

    I've got four callbacks to handle ASCII & special function keys.
    AscII->detect a normal keypress (keyPressed) and (keyUp) to detect release of the ASCII key.
    Keyboard ARROWs pressed are...
  18. ascii & GLUT_KEY_* constants

    I want to transform all of my switch statements to, example: if (key==var) because how can keyUp take in both Ascii & GLUT_KEY_* constants.

    from switch (key) {case GLUT_KEY_LEFT : pGv->deltaAngle...
  19. need to process both normal and special keys for keyUp status

    How do I use if (key==number){do stuff;} instead of

    switch (key) {
    case GLUT_KEY_LEFT : pGv->deltaAngle = 0.0f; break;//pGv->strafe_left = false; break;
    case GLUT_KEY_RIGHT :...
  20. I agree, I think it was my IDE. Key selections...

    I agree, I think it was my IDE. Key selections and their sequelae were showing up quickly when processed, but when I went to the case/switch methodology, it was noticeably slower. Sometimes wouldn't...
  21. case/switch versus if (key =='z') etc.

    In processing keyboard events is it faster to use case/switch programming or if(key=="z"){etc.}. I've noticed a significant difference. Maybe user error or not.
  22. Euler matrix question


    This was intended as (su* sv * cw)-(cu * sw) by me, but I reviewed the original matrix and the author(s) didn't bother to include the grouping braces, so I took them off as well.
    Still runs...
  23. followup on GLM:: rotation mat z*x*y and ::custom Euler mat angle1,angle2,angle3

    I've tried using those values. lAlso have gotten little desperate and am trying adjacent values picked from the matrix. Its only a 3x3 and with some random picking I should eventually hit 30 degrees...
  24. can't extract correct Euler angles from Euler Angle transformation matrix

    I successfully combined all (3) Euler angle rotations into one single matrix. It was a learning process as I had to convert it from a 3x3 matrix to a 4x4, a row-major format to a column-major format,...
  25. lingering questions on Euler to matrix

    When the distances of the unit circle are worked out for a set of Euler angles, what is this result called? Is this a 'positional' vector? A generic vector?

    I would just like it spelled out how...
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