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  1. Well thokra, I've also looked into SDL for this,...

    Well thokra, I've also looked into SDL for this, and am wondering if I can associate an image of a character to a keystroke, then print it to the screen when the key is pressed. I think the simplest...
  2. Simulate Console Program (In Full Screen Mode)

    I've been looking into OpenGL for quite a while, and would like to know if I can use GLUT (or a similar lib) with C++ to simulate a console program in full screen mode (without borders and title...
  3. GLUT - Basic Mouse Movement to Control Camera?

    I can't find anything at all like this on Google, so I came here. I know to use glutPassiveMotionFunc(), but I've tried replacing it in a Lighthouse3D tutorial (with the snowmen) and when I move the...
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    [GLUT] First-Person Shooter [Help]

    I'm currently coding an FPS in C++ with FreeGLUT. I can't seem to find a tutorial for a First-Person camera in FreeGLUT. Can anyone help me start out on this?
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