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  1. Simple 3D triangle - OGL ES 2.0, nothing seems wrong, but No Output

    Below id the code for NDK ES 2.0. I have tries everything I can in this world. I jst do not get 3D triangle.

    void engine_redraw(struct engine* engine);

    #define LOGI(...) ((void)...
  2. Run OpenGL application at boot time Windows 7


    I have a nice animation, which I would like to play when my Windows 7 starts

    The approach I have taken for windowing system is that I first create window context and hand it over to...
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    OpenGL Orange Book source code?


    I am learning OpenGL Shading Language from OpenGLŪ Shading Language, Second Edition By Randi J. Rost.

    But I am unable to find the source code on the web.

    So if anyone has that please...
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    Lighting - Are objects actually smooth..?

    Hello everybody..

    I have started studying OpenGL. I am reading book Superbible 4 and doing examples given in the book.

    I have just finished chapter 5th which is on Lighting.. and I am having a...
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